Community Lunch

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The inception of the Community Lunch ministry, which benefits our local Meals on Wheels program as well as the entire Edgewood community, is the product of the first Community Connect meeting hosted by CMUMC in June, 2016.

The question was raised at the meeting: How do we reach out to help those people in need of a good meal, fellowship, a kind word or perhaps just knowing that someone cares? The answer was a free community lunch gathering that would provide just that.

Since the original lunch in June, 2016, the attendance for the meal has grown from approximately 50 meals served to over 150 meals served on the last Wednesday of each month. During this time frame this ministry has provided over 1,300 “walk-in” meals at the Edgewood Civic Center and additionally has augmented the local Meals on Wheels (MOW) program with 300 + lunches that have been dispersed to the Edgewood community MOW clientele. The extra food prepared helps folks get through the weekend when the traditional weekday meals, provided by the East Texas Food Bank, are not delivered.

The local feedback has been tremendous! To see a community come together from all “walks of life” and enjoy a couple of hours together is absolutely gratifying in itself; not to mention that quality meals are served and a good time is had by all!

On a final note, none of this would be possible without the grace of God and all the incredible volunteers who have given their time, energy, donations, delicious recipes, and fellowship. This is truly Christ’s Love in Action!

Written by Susan Duvall, photographs by Ine Burke.